Bicycle accidents

Have you been injured or lost a loved one in a bicycle? Was the other driver or your driver at fault?

About bicycle Claims

Bike riders are at great physical risk in a collision. Vehicles are required to yield or make room for cyclists but often do not. Some drivers do not pay enough attention to see bikes or drive as if bikes have no right to be on the road.

Driver's fault includes:

  • Disobeying traffic signs or signals 
  • Driver distraction and inattention 
  • Visual recognition problems - other drivers often don't see bicyclists, which are smaller visual targets than the other vehicles on the road such as cars, vans and pick-ups
  • Speeding or Driving too fast for conditions
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Impairment
  • Disregard of road and weather conditions

Injured in a bicycle accident? - How Geoff Aylward, Q.C. will help

Geoff Aylward, Q.C. can file an effective claim for personal injury or wrongful death to seek full and fair compensation. No fee is paid until you collect.

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