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Cars are a necessity for most Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in traveling to work, to see family and friends, and to participate in many recreational activities.  At times tragedy strikes. Two vehicles collide; a vehicle hits a pedestrian or cyclist.  A seasoned personal injury lawyer like Geoff Aylward will navigate your claim through insurance laws and court procedures to ensure full compensation for legitimate injury or fatal accident claims.

What types of accidents are represented?

Car Accidents

In Newfoundland and Labrador, there are approximately 11 fatalities and 900 injuries annually per 100,000 licensed drivers.  Our province is second only to Manitoba.  If you have been injured in a vehicle accident or lost a family member, you are entitled to fair compensation for valid claims. 

Pedestrian Accidents

A pedestrian includes runners as well as walkers.  There are approximately 300 pedestrian accident deaths per year in Canada. Children pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to injury and death. A leading cause of injury-related death for persons aged 14 and younger is pedestrian accidents. Drivers have a heightened duty to be alert in areas of possible child pedestrians.  Pedestrians have the right to walk on the sidewalk or shoulder of the road 24 hours per day.  This right continues during rain, fog, and snow. A driver is not excused because a pedestrian was unexpected, visibility was poor, or conditions slippery.

Bicycle Accidents

Newfoundland and Labrador is not designed for bicycles, even in a residential neighbourhood.  The law requires a bicyclist to drive on the road (a rule not enforced against very young children). Bike lanes and trails are rare.  The risk of serious injury and even death is high.  Both drivers - and ATV operators on trails - must be careful to avoid hurting bicyclists. Even the simple act of opening a vehicle door can cause serious injury to a passing cyclist.  A cyclist has little protection against serious injury.  (A helmet often diminishes but does not avoid brain injury.)  Insurers in such cases may have to pay substantial compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Again, for the mere scenic value of it, Newfoundland and Labrador is a great place for motorcyclists. There is an abundance of motorcycle tours that tourists can attend. Apart from the pleasure of riding the motorcycle in scenic Newfoundland and Labrador, many people ride it for economic or cultural purposes. The same is true throughout Canada. Unfortunately, in 2015, there were 200 fatalities as a result of motorcycle accidents, and that number has steadily increased within the last five years from 175 in 2011. Like bicycle accidents, when a motorcyclist is in an accident, the danger of more serious injuries is present, but in the case of motorcycles, the seriousness of those injuries are exacerbated due to the increased speed of the motorcyclist, regardless if it is a single motorcycle accident or a multi-vehicle accident; the impact due to speed is significant when accompanied by very little protection, again, save a helmet.

Large Vehicle Accidents

Transport trucks, tractor trailers, buses, or equipment vehicles are taller with greater ground clearance and have the capacity to weigh 20-30 times more than a passenger vehicle. When collisions occur, the odds are persons in a passenger vehicle will sustain more serious injuries than persons in the truck simply because smaller vehicles are more vulnerable in these types of accidents. Large trucks are no stranger in Newfoundland and Labrador. There are numerous trucking companies employer truck drivers to transport cargo from place to place. In order to qualify as a truck driver, certain qualifications and conditions must be met because driving a large truck is unlike driving a passenger vehicle; it takes specialized training to safely operate a large truck.

Moose Accidents

There are hundreds of motor-vehicle accidents involving a moose yearly in Newfoundland and Labrador. Not only do serious injuries result from these accidents, but there have been a number of fatalities. Accidents with moose or moose-related accidents result in either primary collisions or secondary collisions. Primary collisions occur when the vehicle only hits the moose, and these collisions make up 55 percent of all moose accidents. Secondary accidents occur when (1) the vehicle hits another object after avoiding the moose, or (2) the vehicle hits another object after hitting the moose. Most injuries and fatalities occur when the vehicle strikes the moose and then strikes another object.

What common injuries result from auto accidents?

Injuries sustained from auto accidents can range from minimal injuries (e.g., bruising) to death. Lawyer Aylward pursues compensation for any and all injuries, regardless the complexity. He also has specific experience handling severe brain injuries, multiple fractures, soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. For these injuries, special care is required, and lawyer Aylward has the compassion to address the sensitive nature of the effects of injuries and has the knowledge to obtain the maximum compensation that the law affords victims in such circumstances.

Brain & Spinal Cord Injuries

Brain and spinal cord injuries are more common than you might think. Thousands suffer annually from them, and more than 50 percent are caused by auto or auto-related accidents. And for these thousands of individuals to be treated in Canada, it costs Canadians billions of dollars each year to cover healthcare and other associated costs. Sometimes, brain and spinal cord injuries can get better with treatment and eventually the patient will return to life almost as usual. More often, however, patients suffer from their injuries for the duration of their natural life with some getting mildly better and others declining in health. Long term care and treatment are necessary, thus, the reason for such high medical costs.

Fatal Injuries

The loss of a loved one can bring unexpected hardship to a family dependent on that loved one. If a family member was fatally wounded in an auto accident, surviving family members can file a claim for wrongful death benefits with the insurance company. These claims can request compensation for the loss of support and services of the deceased loved family member.

You Have Rights.

If you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident caused by the carelessness or negligence of another person, the first thing for you to understand is: you have rights. You have the right to be compensated. You have the right to file a claim. You have the right to file a lawsuit if needed. No one has the right to tell you otherwise. You need to seek the advice of a lawyer experienced in these matters. Speak to a lawyer before speaking to the other insurance company. Contact Personal Injury Lawyer Geoff Aylward today. If you need immediate after-hours assistance, Lawyer Geoff Aylward can be reached by text at 709-743-1708 or by email at [email protected].

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