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Injured in an accident?

If you have been injured by the negligent driving or other careless conduct of another person you deserve compensation.

Hurt by Malpractice?

Doctors cannot guarantee a cure. But if you have been badly harmed by a serious medical or hospital mistake, you may have a viable legal claim for compensation

Denied Insurance?

You or your loved one paid for insurance for financial protection from injury, or death. Insurers serve their own interests in denying benefits

AylwardLaw's goal is to ensure you are paid full compensation for claims caused by injury or illness in Newfoundland and Labrador. We enforce the obligations of accident, malpractice, and disability insurers to pay valid claims.

Geoff Aylward's approach is to convince insurers that your claim will be fully proven in Court if necessary. This approach succeeds in regular, difficult, and high-value claims.

AylwardLaw was the lead law firm in a challenging, complex cerebral palsy birth injury claim case. The settlement was the second-highest in Atlantic Canada. The hospital records and original medical opinions had indicated that the medical malpractice claim was not viable.

AylwardLaw has tackled claims based on undiagnosed conditions: one an acoustic concussion; another, an atypical brain aneurysm. A disability insurer had even laid a criminal fraud charge against one disabled person. Geoff succeeded in the case against the disability insurer.

Where appropriate, AylwardLaw engages Ontario counsel to participate in complex claims without additional legal fees to the client.

AylwardLaw is committed to delivering high-level, personal legal service to assure the most favorable result for you and your loved ones.


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